eLearning developed specifically for agricultural lenders and producers

Launch Pad Orientation

Get your career off the ground with the proactive primer and training course for new employees.

Lifestyle Lender Course

Gain insight into product knowledge, portfolio segmentation, sales and marketing, tax return analysis, small loan analysis and much more.

Commercial Ag Lender Course

Learn all the facets of differential credit analysis with subject matter expert Dr. David Kohl.

Mastering Sales Magnetism Course

Get ready to embrace ways to deepen and build stronger relationships with your prospects and peers.

Ag Biz Basics Program

Take the Ag Biz Basics course to kick start and energize your planning process. **Only available for producers**

Ag Biz Planner Program

Take this award-winning course to learn how to build a strategic plan for your business. **Only available for producers**

2020 Training Schedule Start Dates


Lifestyle Lender

February 2020 and August 2020


Commercial Ag Lender

March 2020 and September 2020


Mastering Sales Magnetism

March 2020 and September 2020


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Become a Success Story

FCU has been creating success stories in the lives of agriculture professionals for more than a decade. Our ability to offer a variety of components that appeal to many types of professionals sets us apart.

Our blended training program combines eLearning and traditional training media, and emphasizes mentoring/ coaching through webinars and face-to-face seminars.
Our graduates benefit from enhanced networking through classmates, mentors and industry professionals.
The content for each of our courses is developed in direct response to Association training needs, and we are constantly working to enhance and refresh it.
Customizable and Convenient
Tailor training to your skillset and complete courses at your own pace.
FCU's measured results have shown to accelerate time to productivity for new ag lenders.

“I found that once I got involved in the session there were examples and information that I could apply to existing opportunities I was working on… the interaction with a mentor and face-to-face meeting at the end only strengthened the experience.”

Jim Newcomb

Loan Officer, MidAtlantic Farm Credit

“Whether an employee is just starting out, making large commercial ag loans or focusing on increasing sales, Farm Credit University has a course suited for every need.”

Roger Chappell

CEO, First South Farm Credit

"Having a solid understanding of Dr. Kohl’s background, I knew going in this would be a highly valuable course. Dr. Kohl’s knowledge-base and years of experience are something you cannot get out of a textbook, but you can capitalize on in a face-to-face session."

Alyssa Irlbeck

Loan Officer, Capital Farm Credit, TX

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