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Enrollment Continues to Climb

Total enrollment in the FCU program recently topped 350. Since inception, FCU has been a vital component in the training of our agricultural lenders, both in the lifestyle and commercial ag lending sectors. Enrollment continues to be strong for both current courses, and we're rapidly establishing quite an impressive alumni roster. Each class brings students together from all across the Farm Credit System and provides an unparalleled opportunity for learning and networking.

New Mentor Milestone

Perhaps one of the most pressing organizational challenges we face with our aging workforce is how to transfer the knowledge from our tenured staff to our newer employees. There is a critical need for experienced mentor-coaches to work hands-on with our young and beginning ag lenders. FCU provides the ideal platform for that interaction. The number of FCU-trained mentors has recently topped 200, and in light of the estimated number of retirements that will likely occur over the next five to ten years, this number will continue to rise.

Launch Pad: Countdown to Lift-Off

We are making final touches to the eagerly-awaited FCU Launch Pad orientation curriculum. This eLearning program will be ideal for all new hires, not just lenders, and will offer the absolute utmost in training convenience and efficiency. We are on schedule to have Launch Pad up and running by May 7, 2007. Get more detailed information on Launch Pad and other FCU courses.


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